I breathe a deep sigh of relief, because I’ve finished my first draft of Sky Knights, which is my writing project for the Damsels in Distress collection call with Less Than Three Press.

Right now, the length is about 25 650 words, which will probably end up going down as I revise and edit. I don’t think I’ll need to add any scenes, but I have yet to go through my first editing run-through, so I could be wrong. I am the type of writer who ends up using too many words, so I’ll likely axe quite a few.

Also, I seem to have a fondness for the word “but” and also the word “so” which are really unnecessary words most of the time. Also “and” when it’s at the beginning of a sentence. Anyway, editing will take care of that. I’m usually good for words usage and tone.

Yes, editing is so exciting. We all love editing.

Good luck to all the writers out there on your current project.

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