2018 Plans


Hello all,

I only have a few more dev edits for my Yaliana novella, and I think I can get them done by February 19th. At least, I’m hoping I can get them done by then. It’s been a long slog when it comes to my thesis, but I’m coming upon the time when I’m completely finished my first draft of my thesis. That means that there will be a lot of back-and-forth edits between me and my supervisor. In between revising my thesis, I will be able to finish my creative writing projects.

My first project to finish is obviously the Yaliana project. That is the f/f sci-fi novella about two black protagonists which I have been trying to complete for nearly a year. Yaliana is about two women trapped in a death jungle trying to find their way out together.

Next, I want to finish my Far Patrol project. I have a full novel completed called Far Patrol, which is my ace/aro dragon project. I also have about 1/2 of the next novel written. It is meant to be a trilogy, and I would like to have the full trilogy written before submitting it anywhere. This is because of the unpredictable nature of my schedule, which might require me to do academic stuff before writing stuff.

I also have another novel in the works, which was originally supposed to be for the bisexual anthology Enchanted Soles. I have two chapters out of like 10 written, but I’m really excited to work on this novel, because it has middle eastern influences and is a fantasy novel. My main character’s name is Rajih, and his love interest’s name is Kadar.

My next project I’m working on is to revise two of my past publications. I want to do revisions on both Across Borders, which was a fantasy shifter story with a dragon protagonist and kelpie love interest and also Rangers over Regulus, which was my Rainbow Award runner up novel featuring a space vampire cowboy and a cyborg sheriff. If possible, I would like to get these two projects beta-read, and to see if anyone would like to suggest revisions on them before I resubmit. Beta readers would receive a print copy of the final product sent to them by mail. 

Those are my current projects that I want to get squared away for this year.

Thanks everyone!

If anyone is interested in being a beta reader for any of these novels, please email me at aa.powell.author@gmail.com