Surfacing Progress Pt 1


Hello all

I’m here to introduce you to my new project! I have started writing again, this time on a new work that I’ve tentatively titled “Surfacing.” What is this new project about?

It’s a post-dystopian novella about a society far in Earth’s future. The world has already gone through the apocalyptic end-of-days and a new society has formed in the safety of the underground tunnels underneath the surface of the Earth. No one has gone to the surface of Earth in a thousand years.

But it’s time – or, at least, that’s what Tyne Airington has to say on the matter. He wants to explore the surface and take the rest of humanity upwards and onwards into the future. Who knows what amazing discoveries await them?

But there are those who oppose the ideas of the Surfacers. The Anti-Surfacing Society (yes, we know its acronym spells ASS) led by Tircel Dunworthy wants to halt progress to the surface and to stay safe underground. Tircel insists that he doesn’t want to harm anybody, even if it means his motion to remain underground is defeated, but what about the splinter group of the Anti-Surfacers that is hell-bent on stopping Tyne and his party no matter what? Does Tircel know anything? Who is trying to sabotage their plans for resurfacing? And what does the Earth have to say on the matter?

That’s the premise of my latest work, and I hope you’ll follow along and see where it goes.

See you next time!


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