Is it spring yet?


Hello my writerly and readerly friends!

I haven’t updated my blog in a while, and it is as I predicted: grad school is eating up my time for creative writing. I’m doing tons of academic writing, but none of it is LGBTQ themed, alas. 

I will have some time in April, so hopefully I can get some writing done then. I haven’t progressed substantially with any of the projects that I mentioned in my last post, so I can’t give an update on that. 

My knight story was accepted for general release rather than for the Heart of Steel anthology, which I am fine with, because the editor that looked at my work wants me to expand on some sections. I originally wrote 15k words, but they think I can expand it a lot, because I no longer have a word limit of 20k. I think it’s a good plan, but will require a lot of work, which is why I’m waiting until April to work on that project. 

One good thing about grad school is that I’ve become more disciplined at writing, so I think once I start writing again, I will get a lot done. I’m hoping that I can get some work done this summer in between researching my thesis.

Anyway, slow going, but I’m still going to be putting some work out this year, which is good. I hope you will all enjoy my story when it’s eventually released!

See you all later!

PS: I reminded myself while I was writing this blog post, but I should mention it now. I had the rights returned to me for two of my works, Rangers over Regulus and Across Borders. I have the option of resubmitting them, either as is, or after revising them. Should I resubmit either of my works? What do you think readers/writers?