Don’t Out LGBTQ People!


Okay everyone, this is my official rant about not outing LGBTQ people, especially trans people. For some reason, there are some people who seem to think that it’s okay to do so, and I’m here to tell you that if you know about someone being LGBTQ, then don’t tell anyone else or talk about it with other people. It’s literally no one else’s business if someone is LGBTQ unless that person comes out themself.

The reason I’m going on this rant is that I have seen two instances in a short period of trans people being outed by someone without their consent. One was a contestant on Survivor, and the other was Global News outing political candidates. This was done without the permission of these people, who did not necessarily want their gender up for discussion, debate, and general disrespect. I’m calling these people out, because what they did was wrong.

Outing someone without their consent is literally an act of violence and oppression. If you out someone, then you are taking away that person’s agency, and is a violation of their person. You are making the fact that they are trans more important than anything else about them. It leads me to believe that you care more about their genitals than their person. It’s disgusting that you think you are entitled to that information, and to tell other people about it.

LGBTQ people do not owe you shit. We do not owe it to you to tell you about our identities, especially trans people, because it can be very dangerous to be a trans person. Trans people get murdered for being trans. Trans people are discriminated against, they face violence, as well as the humiliation of people discussing private things about them in public. As a side note, it’s not acceptable to ask about someone’s genitals and whether they plan to medically transition, because let’s face it, it’s none of your damn business.

Saying that a person who is not out is being dishonest about themself is wrong. A trans person who is presenting themself to you as their true gender is presenting themself truly, honestly, and bravely. It is none of your business what gender they were assigned at birth. And if a trans person is not presenting as their true gender, they are not deceiving you or hiding who they really are. That person does not owe it to anyone to come out, or to transition. As for the rest of the spectrum, it really is none of your business about who a person wants to have sex with.

I’ve said that “it’s none of your business” a lot in this post, and that’s because it’s not. You are not entitled to any information about a person’s gender identity or sexual preference. If someone chooses to share it, that’s great, but we don’t owe it to anyone to come out.

So seriously, don’t out people againt their will. It’s cowardly, dangerous for the person you’re outing, and just wrong, completely immoral.

This goes for LGBTQ people too! Just because you’re in the community doesn’t mean you can out people, even to other LGBTQ people. You might think that it’s safe and not a big deal because you consider yourself accepting, but it’s still none of your business. You’re not entitled to any other person’s identity but your own.

Rant over.

Summer semester starting!


Hey all,

My summer semester in grad school is starting, and that means, more free time for writing and editing! I’ve been biting at the bit when it comes to writing, because I’ve really missed creative writing instead of academic writing. Strangely enough, I think that the research, outlining and writing I’ve done for school will make me a better creative writer, which can only be a good thing.

First thing is first, I am going to do all the dev edits for Yaliana, which I’ve only just started looking at. My 15k word manuscript has 120 comments on it, some for shorter edits, some for much longer edits. This will likely take me all month to complete, as the edits are quite substantial. I will also likely emerge with a much longer manuscript than I started out with.

I’m also going to look at my aro/ace dragon series. I have finished the first draft of the first novel, and I’m working on the second story as we speak. A strategy I used for writing papers that my supervisor suggested is writing quotations on cue cards, and it really worked for organization. So I think I will begin to use it for working on this series to organize it better.

I have a whole bunch of stories that I haven’t worked on in a while, as well as a couple I just started. I’ve been thinking of doing a poll later for which story I should continue on with first. I will do that later, however, as I’m focusing on Yaliana edits for this month. 

I’ve also made a decision regarding my two manuscripts for which I received the rights back. Those two were Across Borders, my very first novella ever (so embarrassing, omg) and Rangers over Regulus, the space vampire novel I wrote for the Proud to be a Vampire collection. I will probably resubmit both of them, after minor edits for Rangers over Regulus, and major revisions for Across Borders. 

Anyway, that’s the news for now. Hope everyone is having a good spring!