It’s September!


Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I posted a blog post, so I thought it was about that time. 

I’m mostly getting ready for the Gay Romance Northwest meet-up, which is happening on the 24th of September. Why am I so excited about this year’s meet-up? It’s because I’ll be a busy bee for most of it, which is my favourite thing about conferences.

First, there’s the pre-conference reading event, which is happening at Hugo House again this year. I’m very pleased to tell you that TransFics is the theme for the first part of the reading this year. So I’ll be reading a little bit of my short Charmed by Chance which is in this year’s charity anthology. I really want to read from this one because not only is it a cute story, but I get to promote the anthology! It’s a great anthology, and I would love to make it a success at the conference this year. There’s also the Love Bites readings which are after the TransFics readings.

Then, the day of the meet-up, I am pleased to announce that I’ll be one of your keynote speakers opening the conference! I’m in the process of writing the speech right now, and let me tell you, I feel the pressure to write a really great keynote for all of you.

Then, my friend J.K. Pendragon and I are on the Trans Authors on Character, Stories, and Industry panel along with Austin Chant, who is our moderator, Tobi Hill-Meyer, Laylah Hunter, and E.E. Ottoman. I’m also very excited for this panel, because it highlights the experience of being trans as an author, and how that effects how and what we write. It’ll be awesome!

It will also be nice to get a break and catch one of the other panels that are happening later that afternoon.

Last but not least, there’s the Author Meet & Greet and Signing at the Book Fair! I think I’ll be next to J.K. Pendragon and E.E. Ottoman at the book fair, so that should be fun. I hope that lots of readers come up to talk with us! We love talking with people about queer issues, books, and writing!

We may or may not go to the afterparty at the Rendezvous, we’ll see how tired we are! 

Apart from that, I’m working on another piece that will be for another charity anthology, but that will be super short. Probably no more than 8k at the most, but it’s something.

I’ve also finished a rough draft of a story which I’ve written for the anthology call for Less Than Three Press which I need to edit before submitting.

That’s what I’ve got on my plate writing-wise. As for the rest of my life, I run a bookstore and I just started my Masters in English, so I am very very busy! We’ll see how the writing goes amid the other work that I have to do.

I’ll definitely make a post about how the GRNW meet-up goes. 

See you again soon, readers!


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