Updated Patreon account


Hi all,

So I’ve been updating my Patreon account, and I wanted to let you all know that I’ve added rewards for any patrons of my account!

$1 Reward – special blog posts and polls that only Patrons can have access to

Yes, that means that some of my blog posts will be posted only on my Patreon account for those who want to pledge $1. 

$5 Reward – access to short fiction written by me. I will be posting this on my Patreon as well, and will be accessible only to anyone who has pledged $5. Short stories will be 5000-8000 words.

$20 Reward – a prompt for writing short fiction. I will write a short fiction piece based on the prompt that someone gives me. The short story will be about 5000-8000 words. I will post it on the blog, and patrons with $5 access will be able to read it.

I don’t know if anyone would want to pledge me something like $50, but if someone does, I would have to create a tier just for them! Oh my! I doubt anyone would though, so that option, while it’s out there, isn’t up on my Patreon yet.

And, as I saw on my last blog post about my Patreon, I pledged ebook copies of Love Rampage to the first 20 people to pledge on my Patreon. That’s still up for grabs!


Don’t Out LGBTQ People!


Okay everyone, this is my official rant about not outing LGBTQ people, especially trans people. For some reason, there are some people who seem to think that it’s okay to do so, and I’m here to tell you that if you know about someone being LGBTQ, then don’t tell anyone else or talk about it with other people. It’s literally no one else’s business if someone is LGBTQ unless that person comes out themself.

The reason I’m going on this rant is that I have seen two instances in a short period of trans people being outed by someone without their consent. One was a contestant on Survivor, and the other was Global News outing political candidates. This was done without the permission of these people, who did not necessarily want their gender up for discussion, debate, and general disrespect. I’m calling these people out, because what they did was wrong.

Outing someone without their consent is literally an act of violence and oppression. If you out someone, then you are taking away that person’s agency, and is a violation of their person. You are making the fact that they are trans more important than anything else about them. It leads me to believe that you care more about their genitals than their person. It’s disgusting that you think you are entitled to that information, and to tell other people about it.

LGBTQ people do not owe you shit. We do not owe it to you to tell you about our identities, especially trans people, because it can be very dangerous to be a trans person. Trans people get murdered for being trans. Trans people are discriminated against, they face violence, as well as the humiliation of people discussing private things about them in public. As a side note, it’s not acceptable to ask about someone’s genitals and whether they plan to medically transition, because let’s face it, it’s none of your damn business.

Saying that a person who is not out is being dishonest about themself is wrong. A trans person who is presenting themself to you as their true gender is presenting themself truly, honestly, and bravely. It is none of your business what gender they were assigned at birth. And if a trans person is not presenting as their true gender, they are not deceiving you or hiding who they really are. That person does not owe it to anyone to come out, or to transition. As for the rest of the spectrum, it really is none of your business about who a person wants to have sex with.

I’ve said that “it’s none of your business” a lot in this post, and that’s because it’s not. You are not entitled to any information about a person’s gender identity or sexual preference. If someone chooses to share it, that’s great, but we don’t owe it to anyone to come out.

So seriously, don’t out people againt their will. It’s cowardly, dangerous for the person you’re outing, and just wrong, completely immoral.

This goes for LGBTQ people too! Just because you’re in the community doesn’t mean you can out people, even to other LGBTQ people. You might think that it’s safe and not a big deal because you consider yourself accepting, but it’s still none of your business. You’re not entitled to any other person’s identity but your own.

Rant over.

Summer semester starting!


Hey all,

My summer semester in grad school is starting, and that means, more free time for writing and editing! I’ve been biting at the bit when it comes to writing, because I’ve really missed creative writing instead of academic writing. Strangely enough, I think that the research, outlining and writing I’ve done for school will make me a better creative writer, which can only be a good thing.

First thing is first, I am going to do all the dev edits for Yaliana, which I’ve only just started looking at. My 15k word manuscript has 120 comments on it, some for shorter edits, some for much longer edits. This will likely take me all month to complete, as the edits are quite substantial. I will also likely emerge with a much longer manuscript than I started out with.

I’m also going to look at my aro/ace dragon series. I have finished the first draft of the first novel, and I’m working on the second story as we speak. A strategy I used for writing papers that my supervisor suggested is writing quotations on cue cards, and it really worked for organization. So I think I will begin to use it for working on this series to organize it better.

I have a whole bunch of stories that I haven’t worked on in a while, as well as a couple I just started. I’ve been thinking of doing a poll later for which story I should continue on with first. I will do that later, however, as I’m focusing on Yaliana edits for this month. 

I’ve also made a decision regarding my two manuscripts for which I received the rights back. Those two were Across Borders, my very first novella ever (so embarrassing, omg) and Rangers over Regulus, the space vampire novel I wrote for the Proud to be a Vampire collection. I will probably resubmit both of them, after minor edits for Rangers over Regulus, and major revisions for Across Borders. 

Anyway, that’s the news for now. Hope everyone is having a good spring!

Is it spring yet?


Hello my writerly and readerly friends!

I haven’t updated my blog in a while, and it is as I predicted: grad school is eating up my time for creative writing. I’m doing tons of academic writing, but none of it is LGBTQ themed, alas. 

I will have some time in April, so hopefully I can get some writing done then. I haven’t progressed substantially with any of the projects that I mentioned in my last post, so I can’t give an update on that. 

My knight story was accepted for general release rather than for the Heart of Steel anthology, which I am fine with, because the editor that looked at my work wants me to expand on some sections. I originally wrote 15k words, but they think I can expand it a lot, because I no longer have a word limit of 20k. I think it’s a good plan, but will require a lot of work, which is why I’m waiting until April to work on that project. 

One good thing about grad school is that I’ve become more disciplined at writing, so I think once I start writing again, I will get a lot done. I’m hoping that I can get some work done this summer in between researching my thesis.

Anyway, slow going, but I’m still going to be putting some work out this year, which is good. I hope you will all enjoy my story when it’s eventually released!

See you all later!

PS: I reminded myself while I was writing this blog post, but I should mention it now. I had the rights returned to me for two of my works, Rangers over Regulus and Across Borders. I have the option of resubmitting them, either as is, or after revising them. Should I resubmit either of my works? What do you think readers/writers?

Fall Projects 2016


Hello all,

It’s been a while since I updated you all on the projects I’m working on. Sadly, it’s been a bit slow going because of grad school. It will probably continue to be a bit slow going as time progresses.

With that in mind, I have to say that I probably won’t do NaNoWriMo this year. Sadly, I will be mired in schoolwork during November, which will make it pretty much impossible to complete NaNoWriMo this year.

But on to other things.

I have several projects that I’m working on!

First, I submitted one of my short stories, 15 000 words, to Less Than Three Press for their anthology call Hearts of Steel. I wrote about knights on an alien planet trying to save someone from the death jungle that covers the entire planet. It was fun to write, less fun to edit, and nerve-wracking to submit. I haven’t yet received a response, but I have to wait a few weeks to hear back from them.

I wrote another short for a charity anthology that I was invited to be part of. I’m not sure how secret it is, so I’ll stay hushed about it for now. But it’s 7 000 words long, just a teensy one, so it was finished quite quickly.

I have a few different stories on the go right now. I foolishly started an enemy-to-lover story in which the main characters are forced to marry against their will. I think it will be fun to write, but I’ve only got about 8 000 words in. I’ll tell you all how that one goes. 

I’m also working on doing research for a greenpunk story set in an alternate Victorian London in which green technology became important rather than industry. That’s just the backdrop though, the real story is about a trans woman detective who is trying to catch a serial killer who is murdering prostitutes. This one is a lot more developed than the other one, mostly because I spend a lot of time thinking about it. Murder mysteries are hard to plot out though. This is a hard one to write on, because it’s so complex.

I’m working on the sequel to my ace aro dragon story still. It’s also slow going because I seem to have hit a wall, which is probably why I’m working on the other two more than this one. The first book is great, it’s all contained, it sets up everything, but now I’m floundering in the middle. I hope I’ll be able to fix it soon.

That’s it for now, I’m deeply mired in numerous projects as well as grad school. Hopefully I’ll get some time to write in between assignments.

Anyone working on anything interesting right now? Feel free to comment!

Gay Romance Northwest 2016


Hello all,

Bringing to you today the events from the Gay Romance Northwest meet-up that happened yesterday. 

The event started off with everyone registering for the conference and finding the people they knew. I found the trans panel contingent as well as some other friends, such as Kelly Haworth, a Riptide author.


Then, we started off with an intro from the Seattle Public Library, which was hosting the event. Then Tracy Timmons-Grey, our lovely and dedicated organizer said a few words.

Then, we moved on to the terrifying part, which was the keynote speeches. Richard Compson Sater went first, and he talked about being a young man and falling in love with some of the non-queer characters in books, such as Atticus Finch. Then I went, and I talked about being young and not being able to find queer characters in books to reflect who I truly was. Then Tobi Hill-Meyer went and talked about trans issues in the queer community. Our speeches will be posted on the GRNW blog as well as the recordings of the speeches.

Then, we moved right along to our panel, which was Trans Authors on Characters, Stories, and Industry. The moderator of our panel was Austin Chant, and our panelists were Tobi Hill-Meyer, Laylah Hunter, E.E. Ottoman, J.K. Pendragon, and myself. We had a great time with our panel, and some of the questions asked were things such as how being trans affected our writing and what were our experiences with publishing as trans authors. I felt like some of my answers were more basic while other panelists such as Tobi had more in-depth answers. But I still had fun with the panel, especially talking about our favourite tropes.


After that, we went to the Erased no More: Bisexual Characters in LGBTQ Romance panel. The moderator was E.J. Russell, and the panelists were Dev Bentham, Charley Descoteaux, CJane Elliot, Amanda Jean, and Morticia Knight. I’d wanted to check out the panel about writing a series, but that discussion was full. The bisexual panel was still fun, touching on issues such as stereotypes, pushback about writing bisexual characters, and the gay-for-you trope, which Amanda suggested should be changed to the bisexual revelation trope.

We went to the bookfest on the 4th floor after that, which was fun. I got to talk to a lot of people, sign some books, and give away some swag. I was sitting next to J.K. Pendragon and E.E. Ottoman, so we got to talk a lot. During the last part of the bookfest, I went and bought some books, The Mechanical Universe trilogy by E.E. Ottoman, and The Admirer, a murder mystery by Karelia Stetz-Waters which I got signed by the authors.


Then we went to the Rendezvous for the after party. Last year we missed the after party because we were so tired. There were several readings, and I went up and read from Rangers over Regulus, which was an impromptu reading. 

And that’s all folks! We had a great time and were exhausted afterwards, but I think this year’s Gay Romance Northwest meet-up was a great success.