Writing Again


Hello everyone!

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to write anything. I’ve been working on my PhD, but I also think that I had some amount of burnout from working as an English instructor while pursuing my studies. I have started writing again recently and felt much better about everything. I love writing and find it soothing to be able to put thoughts on the page.

So, what am I writing?

Before this, I was writing on Surfacing, which was a sci-fi romance set in the future after an unknown apocalypse had happened. Earth’s surface hadn’t been breached in thousands of years, and finally, human beings are returning. However, not everyone is happy with the return, and will stop at nothing to halt the progress of the Surfacers.

Since then, I haven’t had much inspiration for this story. It’s been put on the back burner, so to speak. However, what I have been working on is a yet untitled fantasy story about a young non-binary noble who falls for a prince. At first, I was calling this my “weird het romance” because at first, the main character was presenting as a woman. However, very quickly, Naranah decided she was not a woman at all, and her love interest Prince Menar became staunchly bisexual. Not to mention, Naranah’s gay bestie Teren was the one to bring all this identity crisis about when Naranah realizes Teren’s in love with another man.

This story, which I originally planned to be 50k words is now headed towards being 100k words or more. This is likely my longest novel to date. I have been chipping away at it, and the story is sitting at about 17000 words. That’s more words than I’ve written in months, so I am feeling rather pleased with my progress. I hope that this writing kick lasts a little longer, and am looking forward to getting more words on the page over the winter holidays.

Glad to see that there are still a few writers out there following this blog and I wish you a great holiday season.

Happy writing!