Book Cover Release!


Hey all,

Just wanted to show you the amazing book cover that London Burden made for my upcoming story “Love Rampage,” which is part of the Geek Out anthology.

Here it is! Viola!

Love Rampage - cover2-01It’s such a cute cover, and I love it!

The Geek Out anthology is a bit different, because all of the stories have a trans* main character. I absolutely had to enter a story for this one, being trans* myself. Of course, right now, Less Than Three Press has been actively scouting out good stories with Trans* protagonists, which is pretty awesome. Right now, they are also looking for Ace characters as well.

In fact, right now, there’s an open call for submissions for a collection for Ace or Aromantic characters called Solitary Travelers. Check it out!

Love Rampage is a pretty short story, just 10K words, but I really like it. My protagonist, Maira, is MtF and is in love with a girl she’s too scared to tell her feelings. Of course, then a unicorn shows up, demanding that she confess her love. A lot of craziness ensues, which is my favourite kind of story.

I know, an actual unicorn. I can blame this on my friend Laurence, who told me that I should write a story about a girl with an obsession with unicorns. But then again, that’s no stranger than vampire gunslingers in space, girls powering machines with their own energy, or a relationship between a kelpie and a dragon. So I guess it’s pretty normal when it comes to things I write.

I’m also super excited because one of my favourite people in the world also has a story coming out in the Geek Out anthology. J.K.Pendragon wrote Double Take, which I was lucky enough to beta.

A list of stories in the Geek Out anthology can be found HERE.

The Geek Out anthology will be released January 28, 2015.

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