Love Rampage


Love Rampage is an urban fantasy novel set in modern-day Vancouver, Canada. Maira, the young protagonist, is a trans girl that just wants to be able to spend more time with Carol, the girl she is in love with. Her shyness is something of a barrier, but everything changes when a unicorn arrives on the scene!

Love Rampage - cover2-01

Yes, a real, live unicorn. Maira has been obsessed with unicorns her entire life, but she might find that this particular unicorn is more than she’s bargained for! What to do? There’s Carol to confess her love to, if she can muster the courage, but first, there’s a demon to vanquish!

Originally published with Less Than Three Press on January 28, 2015

Republished as an Ebook self-publication on September 17, 2019.

For sale as an ebook HERE


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